End Mill Holders

    Premium Precision 0.0001”
    • Runout taper to bore within 3 Microns (0.0001”) T.I.R.
    • Bore ground to H5 tolerance or better!
    Coolant Thru
    • Coolant Thru the Center
    • DIN AD+B Flange Coolant Standard on select sizes
    • Jet Slot Versions Available
    Dynamically Balanced
    • 30, 40 & HSK63A - G6.3 @ 20,000 RPM
    • 50 & HSK100A - G6.3 @ 15,000 RPM
    ISO AT3 Taper Tolerance
    • Tapers are ground better than AT3 for optimal T.I.R.

    Jet Blast Options

    Modify any of our End Mill, Shell Mill or Shrink Fit holders with Jet-Blast!

    Not only do we carry more standard projections than anyone else in the industry but now you can order any of our holders with Jet-Blast. We have invested in the equipment to install coolant ports in any of our stock catalog holders.

    The 1/2 Moon Project

    Years ago we outsourced our EDM work and all Jet-Blast was 1/2 moon. That source went out of business and we purchased machines and followed the machine manufacturer's recommendations. Many customers preferred the 1/2 moon

    We have changed processes and now can offer 1/2 moon standard on most holders.


    Full diameter coolant ports are available on demand. Please specify when ordering.

    • Any End Mill, Shrink or Shell Mill Holder with a 10" projection or shorter
    • Altered in Chicago for quick turn around, many same day!
    • Expedited Service Available
    Multi-Port Jet Option
    Define your coolant flow with increased volume

    Adding additional ports will give the holder a shower head effect, for customers with high volume systems.

    Fit the holder to your machine's coolant system!
    • Need to increase pressure?
    • Need greater volume of coolant?

    Retention knobs all have different coolant holes. Some as large as 0.44" and as small as 0.07". Jet-Blast can be fit to your machine's coolant system to achieve the best possible coolant flow and pressure.

ER Collet Chuck
Available Shanks
BT30 DBT30 BT40 DBT40 BT50 CAT40 DCAT40 CAT50 DCAT50 HSK63A HSK100A Straight Shank