QC Tension & Compression Tap Chucks

In applications where there is backlash in the machine or timing to pitch issues, Tension and Compression holders will compensate to allow the tap to cut freely without pressure from the machine tool.

Programming should be 95-98% of Pitch of in-feed, 100% of Pitch on reverse. This will allow the tap to pull out on the springs of the holder while tapping the hole and spring back when exiting the hole to prevent thread pulling and double cutting.

Rigid Adapters vs Torque Control

Torque control adapters have a user adjustable clutch. The clutch is set for mild steel from the factory. Torque control adapters will clutch if the there is hard spots in the material, the drilled hole is not deep enough or the tap has become dull and is not cutting properly. Due to the sensitivity of the clutch the adapter will clutch before the tap is fully dull.

In CNC machine tools we recommend RA Rigid Adapters with TC Tension and Compression holders due to the drilled hole being controlled by the same setup. However there is always a chance of tap breakage if the tap becomes to dull in a RA Adapter.

Available Adapters
ER Collet Chuck
Available Shanks
BT30 BT40 BT50 CAT40 CAT50 HSK63A Straight Shank