Shell Mill Holders

    Coolant Thru
    • Coolant Thru the Center
    • DIN AD+B Flange Coolant Included in some models
    • FX Coolant Ports Versions Available
    Dynamically Balanced
    • 30, 40 & HSK63A - G6.3 @ 20,000 RPM (without cutter)
    • 50 & HSK100A - G6.3 @ 15,000 RPM (without cutter)
    ISO AT3 Taper Tolerance
    • Tapers are ground better than AT3 for optimal T.I.R.

    FX Coolant Option

    Many cutter manufacturer's have standardized on what we call "Ported Coolant". This system delivers coolant to each insert from the relief in the mounting pilot area of the cutter. To supply coolant to this region many manufacturer's have altered mounting screws with drill holes. This approach works but limits the amount of coolant that can be delivered to the cutter.

    The size of the drilled holes are so small they cannot deliver enough coolant volume to evacuate chips at high feeds. FX was designed to be used with the cutter manufacturer's supplied screws to increase coolant volume 400%+ for high feed cutters.

    Jet-Blast Multi-Jet
ER Collet Chuck
Available Shanks
Straight Shank BT30 BT30-B BT40 BT40-B CAT40 CAT40-B CAT50 CAT50-B HSK63A HSK100A