Yukiwa Pneumatic Tail Stocks

  • Functions and features
    • Pneumatic tail stock TPA/TPB series are simple tail stock (advancing shaft) of which clamping is done by air.
    • The center can be controlled automatically to move back and forward with sequencer program written by customers.
    • TPB series are furnished with move back/forward confirmation switch, and accompanied with a cable (4.5m).
    • The end of the axis is Morse taper No.2. The center should be provided by customers as it is not supplied with the tail stock.

TPA110 TPA135 TPA160 TPA200
Works with JNC140 JNC170, YNCP170 JNC200, YNCP200 JNC250, YNCP250
Center Height 110mm 135mm 160mm 200mm
Center #2 MT #2 MT #2 MT #3 MT