ER Collet Chuck

  • Clamping Range : 0.020” - 1.000”
  • Holders Ground 0.0001” TIR or Less
  • All Holders Dynamically Balanced, Nuts also Dynamically Balanced Individually, not Paired to the Holder
  • Coolant Thru with Coolant Collets Available or Coolant Cap System
  • Collet Options down to 2 Micron TIR Guaranteed!
  • Holders Meet & Exceed all DIN Standards
  • ID Chip Hole Standard
  • Available in
    • Standard Balanced Nut
    • Performance Balanced Bearing Nut
    • Coolant Cap Nut
Coolant Cap Options

Seal Collets or ER Coolant Caps provide a coolant seal up to 1,500 PSI. Coolant Caps prevent chips & debris from entering the collet and chuck.

Available in a Jet-Blast model for directional coolant into the cutter flutes.

Coolant Caps
High Performance Bearing Nuts
Double your grip force without increasing your locking pressure.

Bearing transfers torque more efficiently with ER collets allowing higher grip forces without increasing locking torque.

Bearing Nut
Click here for a list of Available Bearing Nuts

For best performance use GERC collets with our bearing nuts!

Bearing Nut Data
ER Collet Chuck
Available Shanks
BT30 BT30-B BT40 BT40-B BT50 CAT40 CAT40-B CAT50 CAT50-B HSK40E HSK63A HSK100A Straight Shank