MC Mill Chucks

  • Ultimate Precision: 0.0002” TIR Guaranteed @ 100mm (4") with MC125
  • Powerful: 0.0002” TIR Guaranteed @ 100mm (4") with MC125
  • Vibration Dampening: Unlike materials & mass dampen cutting harmonics
  • Dynamically Pre-Balanced Body @ G6.3 @ 20,000 RPM except CAT50 Balanced to G6.3 @ 15,000 RPM’s
  • Updated Smooth Nut Design for Improved Balance

  • Jet-Blast

Coolant Cap System

Coolant Cap provides an o-ring seal against the tool shank and the face of the mill chuck. Flutes of the cutting tool cannot enter the cap or a seal is not created.

  • Required Items
    1. (1) MC Collet
    2. (1) MCN Cap Nut
    3. (1) MCC Coolant Cap to match MC Collet
    Jet-Blast Mill Chuck Sealing Collets

    Follow the procedure below for MC Coolant Caps:

    1. Insert MC Collet into MCN cap nut
    2. Insert MCC Cap into the MCN cap nut
    3. Insert Cutting Tool
    4. Insert MC collet assembly into the Mill Chuck
    5. Follow Mill Chuck tightening procedure
    Mill Chuck
    Available Shanks
    BT30 BT40 CAT40 CAT50 HSK63A HSK100A