Holder Locking Fixtures

3 Versions to Choose from:

Friction Locking Fixture

  • Bearing system uses Friction against the OD of the flange to lock the tool.
  • Works with holders without drive slots.
  • Bolts to workbench
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TL Locking Fixture

Standard Locking Fixture

  • Bolts to workbench
  • 2 Position for easy access to the back of the tool
  • Horizontal position will not function with Dual Contact (face contact) holders.
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TLD Locking Fixture

Tool Block 3.0

Pioneer's Flexible, Indexable Tool Block

with Interchangeable Heads

The system is designed to prevent injury and allow the operator to move the holder into the best position for manipulation. 8 locking positions (45° apart) with auto lock provides the easiest and safest way of changing cutters and retention knobs. Interchangeable with heads from competitive systems, Tool Block is a must for all tool rooms.

Order Tool Block Head and Base Separately!

TB Locking Fixture

Tool Block Head

TB Head
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Tool Block Base

TB Base
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TB Base