MX Collets

Ultimate Precision Finishing Collets!
  • Pioneer MX Collets, TIR - 3 Microns (0.0001")@ 4 x Diameter
  • MX Taper is 8 Degree, 1/2 the angle of ER
  • Seals up to 1,500 PSI Coolant
  • Fits MX & VX Collet Chucks
  • On-Size Type “A” Collets for h6 tolerance cutting tools
  • Cutting tools must be fully inserted for sealed applications
  • Jet-Blast Available - Add –J to the part number

MX Jet-Blast Collets

Collets are sealed by design for high pressure coolant or air. Jet-Blast is available for coolant around solid tools.

Jet modifications are performed in our Chicago office. Due to the size and wall thickness of the collets, some MX collets have 1/4, 1/2 moon coolant slots.

ER Collet

Showing Standard and Jet Collet

ER Collet