Controller for CNC Rotary Tables

  • YUKIWA Indexer Control is a NC controller package connected to machine via M-code. The AC series control enables you to move the indexer from machine to machine easily when you need to. Package includes servo motor, control box and cable set.
  • Available in 300W / 750W / 1000W / 1500W
  • Direct Programming up to 100 programs, total storage of 10,000 Steps
  • Machine Control / Off Line Programmable w/ Machine Macro β Function & RS232 Connection
  • Easy maintenance
  • Compact Design
  • Closed construction box to prevent contamination from oil mist
  • Optional Hand Jog Controller Available

AC5-10 AC5-30 AC3-60 AC3-90
Rated Output (incremental motor) 300W 750W 1.0kW 1.5kW
Rated Current 2.2A 3.9A 7A 8.7A
Max Current 7.5A 15.3A 21A 26.1A
Outside Dimensions 10.24"W x 7.83"H x 8.97"D 10.24"W x 7.83"H x 8.97"D 10.24"W x 9.84"H x 9.76"D 10.24"W x 9.84"H x 9.76"D
Weight 17.2lbs 17.2lbs 22lbs 22lbs
Power 200-230V +10%/-15% 50/60Hz Single Phase 200-230V +10%/-15% 50/60Hz Single Phase 200-230V +10%/-15% 50/60Hz Three Phase 200-230V +10%/-15% 50/60Hz Three Phase
  • Number of control axis 1 Axis
  • Angle unit & Max angle 0.001°, ±999.999°±999 rotation (Max rotation in continuous rotation:±5965)
  • Movement Mode Auto(AUT), Manual(MAN), Return to machine origin(MZ), Return to work origin(WZ), jog(JOG), Program edit(EDT), Parameter(PRM)
  • Program function Command types (incremental, absolute, shortcut), equal division, sector division, cutting feed, multiple rotation (±999 evolutions), continuous start, interlocking start, machine origin return, work coordinate system setting, continuous start, continuous block operation, dwell, FIN output change, jump,subprogram (1-999 repetitions), clamping effective/ineffective
  • Program capacity & External program selection 100 programs X100 steps, M signal mode: 100 programs
  • Program, parameter storage Nonvolatile memory (Rewritable number of times: one million times)
  • Other functions JOG function, Rapid override, Stroke limit function, external emergency stop signal
  • Interlocking input
    • Function Start, origin return, program selection signal 0-3, program setting, interlock
    • Electric Specification DC24V, non-polar, non-voltage contact/transistor input, ON current 8 mA supply power from the mating machine.
  • Interlocking output
    • Function Block completion signal 1, 2, operation preparation completion, alarm
    • Electric Specification DC24V, non-polar, non-contact output, maximum load current 50mA (1 output) supply power from the mating machine.
  • Serial interface One port of RS232C, Dsub connector 9P, with dust cover