HPS - High Performance Studs

Manufactured to the Industry Standards or machine builders specifications.
  • Pioneer uses JIS-SNCM420, US-4320 material and heat treats for the highest surface hardness, Tensile and Yield.
  • All Coolant Knobs include a pilot and o-ring to meet new machine requirements.
  • All knobs include a grind finish on contact and mounting surfaces per industry specifications.
  • Torque Wrench Sockets are listed with details. Please note that some manufacturers do not follow industry or manufacturers specifications. Our sockets are designed to work with our knobs. Sorry we cannot guarantee interchangeability.
  • Please use machine builders torque specifications, damage or injury may occur if improper torque is used. The machine builder designed the spindle and specified the knob for machine torque and RPM. It is critical the proper specification is used.

It is critical that the correct retention knob and tightening torque is used with each machining center.
Please verify all dimensions prior to ordering. Machine knob requirements will be located in your machine manual.
Unfortunately with many machine companies the machine model does not specify what knob was used. If no drawing is available please contact the machine builder for specifications.

BT knobs are shorter than ISO / DIN / SK knobs by up to 0.016" and will not always work in ISO / DIN / SK spindles. Verify lengths or damage may occur.

Knob Drawing
Available Knobs
BT30 BT40 CAT40 CAT50

Knob Tightening Sockets
Knob Socket

Coolant Tubes