PT Precision Synchro Tap System

  • Compensates for synchronization errors in the tap cycle
  • Available in PT20 & PT32 with 1” Straight Shank
  • Minimal length compensation in both Tension and Compression compensates for small pitch differences between the spindle and tap reducing friction on the tap flanks
  • Increases tap life 30% - 300%
  • For tapping speeds up to 15,000 RPM’s
  • For use in Left or Right hand applications
  • Coolant Thru, for use up to 1,500 PSI
  • Compact Design to fit many machine spindles with shank adapters sold separately

  • Coolant Thru Tapping with Precision Sync
    MX Collet Chuck

    The holder is designed for coolant thru the center. To see the tap shank use a coolant cap matching the tap shank size to create the seal.

  • Required (each sold separately)
    • Holder
    • Coolant Cap Nut
    • Coolant Cap to match tap shank
    • Tap Collet

    Please note the coolant tap shank must be long enough for the coolant deal to make contact on the full round diameter, tap flutes cannot enter the cap.

PT Collet Chuck
Available Shanks
PT Tap Holders BT30 BT30-B BT40 BT40-B CAT40 CAT40-B CAT50 CAT50-B HSK63A HSK100A