PMT Pioneer Machine Tool - Rotary Wiper

ROTARY WIPER makes it possible to view the production/machining process clearly within the machine enclosure. The window will get dirty from oils, coolants and chips.
By installing ROTARY WIPER, even large amount of coolants, etc., will not prevent an operator from being able to observe set-ups and production runs of all sorts.

  • Improved Visible Area
  • Less Air Consumption & Lower Noise Level
  • Easier Maintenance Work
  • Improved Sealing Performance against Coolant (For Tape Fitting Type)
  • Special chemically treated glass provides long life from chips and debris
  • Low Profile for tight installation areas

Rotary Window

Rotary Window

Rotary Wiper is available in 2 different mountings, Bolt & Tape. Bolt mountings require 8 mounting screw holes in the windows. Tape on uses a high end adhesive with the only requirement is a clean window.

Rotary Window
Version-2 Refined Design

This air driven rotary window does not require special wiring like competitive models. Installation could not be more simple:

  • Choose your mount type (Bolt or Tape)
  • Install in machine per provided instructions
  • Run Air Cable to the machine control side air bank
  • Attached Air Cable to your Rotary Wiper
Rotary Window

Details Part Number Description Description 2 List Price Stock Weight
Details RW-V2- 25 ROTARY WIPER 2.5M CABLE BOLT FIT $1,062.80 Contact Sales 6.0 lbs
Details RW-V2- 50 ROTARY WIPER 5.0M CABLE BOLT FIT $1,062.80 Stock 6.0 lbs
Details RW-V2-T25 ROTARY WIPER 2.5M CABLE TAPE FIT $1,062.80 Contact Sales 6.0 lbs
Details RW-V2-T50 ROTARY WIPER 5.0M CABLE TAPE FIT $1,062.80 Stock 6.0 lbs