BC Bearingless Mill Chuck

  • 0.0002” TIR Guaranteed @ 50mm (2”)
  • On size design, available in 3/8-2" in select shank sizes. Special Available.
  • Eliminating wear components & easy to clean
  • Solid Shoulder Design prevents over tightening
  • Smaller OD than Traditional Mill Chucks
  • Sealed bore design for high pressure applications
  • Over 400 ft/lbs of radial torque on 1.25” Carbide Shanks
  • Unlike materials & mass dampen cutting harmonics
BC Function
  • Jet-Blast Optional
  • Non-Pull Out Optional

BC Mill Chucks do require additional torque to fully tighten. Please use the chart below for tightening Torque.
Torque wrench heads available upon request.
The holder should lock before you reach max torque if greased properly and everything is in good condition.
Please also reference the work in note below.

BC Size Torque
037-050 100 ft/lbs
062-075 120 ft/lbs
100-125 140 ft/lbs
Note: BC Holders need to be worked in. The first 2 uses will require more pressure to tighten. The holder will loosen up and require less pressure to tighten as the nut works in.

BC Non-Pull Out

Cost effective Non-Pull Out with Improved Vibration Dampening

Our Non-Pull out design utilizes a standard 3mm hardened dowel pin. This pin can be used to secure a Weldon flat or any radial groove. Due to the mass of the BC locking nut and the un-like materials BC provides superior vibration dampening over shrink systems. Adding the grease to the taper as shown in the video provides higher locking torques and easy dis-assembly. This modification is performed at Pioneer in Elk Grove Village, IL. We can locate the pin to match up with your cutting tool. Please note the minimum depth of insertion of the cutting tool to create a coolant seal.

  • Requires weldon flat or groove to lock the pin into the cutter shank.
  • Uses standard hardened 3mm Dowel Pin.
  • We can EDM into your location. Customer can supply flat to flute location for custom preset location.
  • Optional to EDM 2 positions, 1 for new cutters and 1 for re-grinds.
BC Non Pull Out
BC Non Pull Out Assembly
BC Mill Chuck
Available Shanks
BT30-B BT40 BT40-B CAT40 CAT40-B CAT50 CAT50-B HSK63A HSK100A HSK125A