Yukiwa Side Table

  • Functions and features
    • Side table ST series have pneumatic or hydraulic clamping mechanism built-in to support a jig.
    • Suitable for larger jigs as the front and rear part of the table axis are supported by large bearings
    • When clamping is done with pneumatic or hydraulic pressure, clamping air or hydraulic oil is controlled from outside.

ST135 ST160 ST200 ST230
Works with JNC170 YNCP170 JNC200, YNCP200 JNC250, YNCP250 BNC320
Center Height 135mm 160mm 200mm 230mm
Clamp Torque 140Nm 103ft/lbs 260Nm 192ft/lbs 510Nm 376ft-lbs 1,100Nm 811ft/lbs
Clamping Pneumatic Pneumatic Pneumatic Hydraulic