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*Items ending in J or F for Jet-Blast or FX Coolant are EDM modified in Chicago on demand. Delivery is based on order size, usually 1-3 days.

Many items can be modified into DIN-B Flange Coolant. EDM modification in Chicago on demand if the design allows for modification. Delivery is based on order size, usually 1-3 days. Contact customer service for more information.

Details Part Number Description Description 2 List Price Stock Cat. Page Weight Model
Details CAT40-DA100-0350 CAT40 DA100 COLLET CHUCK 3.50 $167.00 Stock
2.5 lbs
Details CAT40-DA100-0600 CAT40 DA100 COLLET CHUCK 6.00 $189.00 Stock
3.1 lbs
Details CAT40-DA180-0295 CAT40 DA180 COLLET CHUCK 2.95 $167.00 Stock
2.4 lbs
Details CAT40-DA180-0515 CAT40 DA180 COLLET CHUCK 5.15 $189.00 Stock
3.4 lbs
Details CAT40-DA200-0300 CAT40 DA200 COLLET CHUCK 3.00 $167.00 Stock
2.5 lbs
Details CAT40-DA200-0500 CAT40 DA200 COLLET CHUCK 5.00 $189.00 Stock
2.8 lbs
Details CAT40-DA300-0338 CAT40 DA300 COLLET CHUCK 3.38 $189.00 Stock
2.4 lbs